MVA on Black Gap

March 13, 2017 @0820hrs Squad 7, Eng 7-1, And DC7 w/ 8 responded to 3347 Black Gap Road for a MVA. Units arrived to find 2 vehicles in the roadway. Crews worked to removed debris from the roadway while EMS checked the pt’s.

First Due Chimney Fire


March 12, 2017 @0922hrs Eng 7-1, Eng 7-2, Squad 7 and DC7 w/12 personnel responded to Fairview Ave for a reported chimney fire. Co.7 units arrived and confirmed an active chimney fire. Co.7 worked with mutual aid to fix the issue and were in service within the hour.

MVA w/Confinement

March 10, 2017 @0640hrs Squad 7 & Eng 7-2 w/8 responded to the 1200blk Rocky Mountain Road North for a MVA w/ Confinement. Units arrived and confirmed 1 vehicle overturned with 1 pt confined. Personnel stabilized the vehicle which was over a small embankment and had the pt extricated and turned over to EMS within 10 mins.

First Due Auto Fire

Co.7 responded to a working vehicle fire in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby this afternoon. Crews had the fire out within minutes and returned to service within the hour.

Garbage Truck Fire on the “I”

March 1,2017 @1432hrs units were alerted for a Garbage Truck fire at the 23MM of I81 NB. Eng 7-1 and Eng 7-2 made the response along with Co.15 units. Enroute County advised of multiple calls reporting a Working Fire. Read the rest of this entry »

2 Runs for Sunday

Feb 5, 2017 – To start off the morning at 0828hrs Squad 7 w/7 responded to fill in the RIT assignment of the 1-02 box for smoke in a building. Co.7 Units were placed in service shortly after arrival. Next while at the end of the public dinner Co.7 was alerted for a MVA at the Mall bringing Squad 7, Eng 7-2, & AC7 with 9. Crews arrived to find 1 auto off the road into a tree. Crews confirmed no hazards and assisted with pt packaging before going in service. 

Transfer leads to Two Working Fires

Feb 4, 2017 @ 0514hrs Eng 7-2 responded w/3 for a transfer to Co.2 while they operated on a House Fire. Shortly after responding Franklin advised of a lift assist in Co.5 area. Eng 7-2 responded and assisted and then went back enroute to the transfer. While at Co.2 the 2-01 box was struck for a vehicle fire. Eng 7-2 responded and arrived with a working vehicle fire. Crews extinguished the fire. While wrapping up from the car fire Washington Box 7-6 was struck for a house fire. Eng 7-2 & DC7 responded and arrived onscene and was directed to pull a back up line. Eng 7-2 crew did so and made entry into the house where they found a working attic fire. Crews located the attic access and made access with an attic ladder to extinguish the fire. Eng 7-2 was released shortly after being relieved from fire attack.Co.7 handled 2 other calls throughout the day.

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